YData in the world’s biggest consortium for Responsible AI

consortium for Responsible AI

YData, the startup that created the first data-centric platform that accelerates the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, announces today its participation in the world’s biggest artificial intelligence consortium for Responsible AI. With an almost 80 million euros investment, the consortium will be responsible for developing 21 new AI products until 2030 and over 210 new job opportunities.

With the importance of AI growing every day and delivering unprecedented opportunities to businesses in several sectors, it is crucial to understand the impact and risks this technology can bring. The goal of this project is to develop a fair artificial intelligence system and to solve questions that, up to this moment, were too challenging due to the danger involved.  

YData is the only company in the consortium entirely focused on data. Improving datasets for successful AI projects, YData will be in charge of data understanding, data democratization, bias mitigation, and data causality. The easy data access and quality control will help approach problems such as gender and ethnic discrimination.

"Data is the raw material of artificial intelligence. The way we work with them determines the success of each project and each company's decisions. Responsible AI comes as a result of responsible data," explains Gonçalo Martins Ribeiro, CEO at YData. "It is a great honor to collaborate with such incredible and visionary companies, and a huge challenge to contribute not only to the mitigation of the negative effects of artificial intelligence but also to the development of innovative solutions that will greatly help the fabric and decision-making power."

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