Data Catalog

Explore and manage your data

The home for your projects' datasets, enabled by automated data quality profiling that goes beyond pandas describe
Why data profiling?

Know your data so you can improve it

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The Data catalog is the starting point of your project journey. An automated data quality profiling makes exploratory data analysis 10 easier and faster, with visualizations and interactions.

Data profiling creates standards and data quality foundations for both projects and organizations. Data Profiling is an essential step for AI success.

How it works

Identify and manage your data quality

YData Catalog profiling experience enables you to get a one click overview of your data data, wherever it resides.

Use no-code Connectors to consume data from any source

Create several data sources per project per connector

Automatically generate a profile overview 

Quickly consume your profiling inside Jupyter Notebook or VSCode so you can automate your data preparation strategy

Integrate data profiling at any stage of your development to validate the quality and potential data drifts


Create your first Catalog

Start your successful AI adoption with the right foundations: data profiling!

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