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YData for Retail / E-Commerce

Improved and synthetic data for AI

Retail and e-commerce were one of the first industries where AI/ML was used in a big way - Walmart, Amazon, eBay - all use some sort of clustering algorithms to decide what products to show on your home page. Now, it goes much more beyond clustering: AI is present nearly in every action you take.

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Use cases for the Retail / E-commerce

Improved customer churn

Make more money from existing users instead of loosing them

Retaining customers is a big challenge for companies, so predicting and reducing the churn rate by targeted offers is a common strategy. YData helps to balance, clean and filter the data, and create processing pipelines to compare and tune different ML model hyperparameters.

Improved recommendation systems

Up-sell and cross-sell

Recommendation systems use advanced clustering algorithms which need a lot of data from every user profile. A good recommendation system requires the models to be fine-tuned properly, in addition to good data preprocessing, cleaning and synthesis, if required.

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Predictive sales

Manage your resources according to your needs

Predicting when customers are most likely to buy your product can boost your business multifold. Resource management and stock optimization can be done effectively by predicting the buyer sentiment for that period. YData adds to this capability by helping with data cleaning, preprocessing, synthesis and pipeline setup for your product lines.

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