Build better datasets for AI

Data has already proven to be the major roadblock in data science initiatives.

Difficult access to data, poor quality and lack of data are problems of the past. With YData, you can build the best dataset for your AI projects.

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Platform in action

YData’s Platform is an environment for experimentation with data, allowing data science teams to benefit from a set of tools that will not only make their work less repetitive, prone to error but also faster and ready to scale.

The Platform supports


and includes YData’s unique tools


Synthesizers or Synthetic Data Generators are able to replicate real world data.

Synthetic data is artificially generated data that replicates the statistical components of real data without containing any identifiable information, ensuring individuals' privacy.

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And more!

YData’s Platform offers a set of tools that helps data science teams to discover and unlock data sources, fast prototyping and experimentation with data and well as productization of models.

Data connectors
Exploratory data analysis
Data pipelines

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