YData for Telecommunications

Improved and synthetic data for AI

Telecom companies are increasingly using predictive tools for resource optimization. Most telecom companies collect customer and usage data, but organising it and extracting coherent samples out to be able to properly train models that manage and optimize networks and resources is something most companies have not yet been able to achieve.

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Use cases for Telecommunications

Improved anomaly detection

Save money by detecting more anomalies

Network defects can be detected using Anomaly Detection algorithms. But the algorithms are severely hampered due to the lack of good data. YData can automatically classify the different types of anomalies and synthesize data accordingly to train better predictive models. YData’s Pipelines allow the user to compare, contrast and fine-tune the ML model for the detection job.

Data monetization

Unlock a new revenue stream by monetizing data assets

The value of information assets has never been greater. Synthetic data has the same statistical and business value of real data, but it is not traceable back to the real individuals. This makes it suitable to be monetized without concerns around privacy.

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AIOps - AI Operations

Optimize operations and improve RoI for AI

With AIOps, teams are able to tame the immense complexity and quantity of data collected from modern IT environments, prevent outages, maintain uptime and attain continuous service assurance. YData enables the creation of training datasets and models, and seamlessly integrates production ML models and pipelines into existing IT operations.

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