Synthetic data

Unlock AI with synthetic data

Unlimited opportunities with fast, reliable and smart generated data. Fuel data-sharing initiatives, balance and augment datasets through Generative AI and the benefits of synthetic data.
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Why synthetic data?

Enhance ML performance and simplify compliance


YData’s synthetic data helps teams to overcome the challenges associate with data collection, data sharing and data quality.

Synthetic data is artificially generated data that keeps the original data properties, while ensuring its business value and privacy compliance. Synthetic generated data is an effective supplement or alternative to real-world data. Synthetic data is the future of AI.


What are synthetic data benefits?

The future of data is synthetic. Power your downstream applications with the right data at the  right moment.


Comply with privacy regulations

Protect individuals' privacy and protection against re-identification attacks and promote a safe data access. Synthetic data enables data access compliant with GDPR and CCPA.

Enhance ML performance

Leverage synthetic data to augment the size of your AI training datasets while enhancing your models ability to generalize.

Unlock data sharing & innovation

Share safely your data assets within your organization and cross-companies. Unlock innovation through timely access to data while increasing your business efficiency and profitability.

Build Fair & Responsible AI

Develop fair and responsible artificial intelligence systems. Overcome bias issues with synthetic data, balance minority classes and underrepresented behaviors.

Data input

Generative AI for different types of data


Tabular data

Time Series 03.2

Time-series & Transactional data


Multi-Table & RDBMS

Synthetic data for compliance with

Generate your first synthetic dataset

Join the future of AI. Smart synthetic data is at a distance of a few clicks

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