Synthetic Data Generation in your stocking

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An Advent to explore Generative AI and Synthetic Data

Holidays are approaching and you are feeling like you want to explore something new - synthetic data might just be it!

Options are always great, and data profiling is always a good starting point in your data journey, but you might just want to embrace something more challenging during the Advent of Code, perhaps something around Deep Learning models or even Generative AI! If that's the case, we got you!

Join us in contributing to open-source projects that redefine the boundaries of data generation, particularly with the groundbreaking ydata-synthetic to generate synthetic data. And guess what, you can earn a cool pandas t-shirt and show the synthetic pandas pack


Why Synthetic Data is the North Star 🌟

Synthetic data is a fascinating subject in the realm of data science and ydata-synthetic is just the perfect open-source to get you onboard with it, as it offers both code and UI experience with a Streamlit app!

In the vast coding landscape, synthetic data stands out as a beacon, offering developers and data scientists with a vast amount of skills to add to their toolbelt: data augmentation, bias mitigation, improving training datasets, and a secure and realistic sandbox for experimentation!

Snowflakes of contribution ❄️

All our contributors have a shoutout or a special place in our project wall of fame, and perhaps you might just be the next one. There are several ways you can in this advent start your journey with ydata-synthetic:

If ydata-synthetic is not what you were looking for, you can participate with ydata-profiling as well!

🎄Time together with the community

As you embark on this festive coding sleigh ride, don't let the festivities end with your commits. Join the Data-Centric AI Community and be part of the holiday cheer. Here, you'll find a space to share insights, seek advice, and collaborate with like-minded individuals passionate about shaping the future of data-driven applications.

To get your questions answered live, join the Advent of Code Discord and meet us on  Dec 6 between 6-7PM EST. Bad timing for you? Don't worry! You can also take questions anytime on our ydata-synthetic channel throughout the entire Advent!

In essence, by contributing to ydata-synthetic and engaging with open-source initiatives, you're not just writing code; you are contributing with more knowledge to the community! So, as you code away, remember that every contribution counts, and together, we're shaping the future, one line of code at a time 🚀



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