YData for Utilities

Data-Centric AI for utilities

From predictive maintenance to price prediction forecasting, YData Fabric provides utilities digital innovation strategists with a complete workbench for data-centric AI applications development.

Use cases for the Utilities

Improved predictive maintenance

Save money by fixing infrastructures before they broke

Utility corporations all over the world have to deal with huge recurring costs. Many corporations are now turning to AI to perform tasks like predictive maintenance. However, data collection sources are too far and too few. YData helps to plug the gaps and clean the data, generating more data samples, towards creating better predictive models.

YData utilities use case

Price prediction forecasting

Increase revenues with better simulation for energy trading

Trading prices fluctuate abruptly and forecasting them for Utilities involves many factors, and cannot be done without high-quality data. YData helps clean, balance, and augment the data without changing the gist. Inherent modularisation of the process in YData’s Pipelines allows for code-reusability and procedural streamlining.

ydata utilities use case

Improved fraud detection

Save money by detecting more fraud events

According to estimates, theft and fraud of electricity cost the industry as much as $96 billion every year globally! Fraud detection using AI is a very challenging task without enough data. In addition to preprocessing and data synthesis, YData allows you to compare, fine-tune and contrast multiple ML model metrics and results at the same time!

ydata utilities use case

Join AI innovation with the right data

Become the best in class by delivering faster and better AI solutions with improved data.

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