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Data is the prime matter of today's businesses. What if you could create your own data?

Synthetic data is artificially created and keeps the original data properties, ensuring its business value while being compliant. Using synthetic data reduces the risk of profile re-identification and opens up potential for innovation, collaboration and new revenue streams.

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Key features

Data compliance

Individuals' privacy and protection against re-identification attacks are secured through mathematical methods.

High-quality data

Besides preserving the statistical properties of the original data, our methods preserve the data quality and structure, ensuring high-quality data for purposes such as training ML models.

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Shareable & Sellable

Leveraging synthetic data, organizations can share it without incurring the risk of exposing sensitive or private data. YData accelerates and eases the data sharing or selling processes, speeding up the build of a trustful data economy.

Synthesizer in action

YData’s Synthesizer leverages state-of-the-art deep learning techniques to learn the statistical information from the real data and mimics it on a new dataset, without transforming the original data, nor copying the real records.

Product demo

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